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Microsoft Office for Employees

The Microsoft Office suite is for District 91 employees to use as long as they are employed by District 91.

The Home Use Program entitles District employees to purchase a single license (Office 2013 Pro Plus for Windows or Office 2011 for Mac), to be installed on the employee's home computer.Employees must discontinue use of the software, if the employee leaves the district or if the district discontinues the District Office Enterprise contract.

  • Customers pay $9.95 per license and download of each product available.
  • Physical back-up media is available for an additional $13.99 (includes shipping/not available for Language Packs). Payment is via personal credit card at the Home Purchase website.
  • Although you cannot purchase more than one license, the single license allows for 2 installations on (1) desktop and (1) "portable device" (ie. laptop).
  • The Home Use Program license extends only to the employee, and may not be given away or sold. Employees may not make additional copies of the software.
  • To get your license for Office go to, enter your district e-mail address and our program code: 96260F41B2
  • Check your Work Email from the personal computer where you want to install Office and click the BUY NOW link in the email.

For more detailed instructions.

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