Board Continues To Work On HS ReDesign Project

classroom seatingThe Board of Trustees is continuing to research the best way to update and modernize Idaho Falls and Skyline High School. They had hoped to make some decisions about the HS ReDesign Project before the end of school, but it looks like it will be later this summer before they make any final decisions.

The board's current direction includes: a ReDesign of Skyline High School, a ReBuild of Idaho Falls High School on a new site and a RePurposing of the existing Idaho Falls building to meet other district and community needs. The board is continuing to work on key issues such as:

  • Selecting a site for the new high school
  • Finalizing the scope of the bond, which would detail exactly what would be included in the proposal
  • Setting the amount of the bond needed to pay for the improvements, along with the potential tax implications
  • Setting the date of the bond election

The Board of Trustees is committed to taking whatever time is necessary to research all aspects of the project and to put together the best proposal. They want to ensure the high schools meet the needs of our students today, and for decades to come. As stewards of taxpayer money, they also want to ensure this investment makes economic sense for the district and for the community. DISCOVER what the community thinks about the HS ReDesign Project.  Learn More About The HS ReDesign Project Questions? Send them to us. 

End of Year Deadlines

Warehouse Orders - These deadlines are in place to allow time for delivery of all orders and a physical count of year-end inventory.

  • June 14th is the final day to place all other warehouse orders.

Purchasing Cards (P-cards) – School Staff
Reminder – P-cards should be given to your principal or school secretary at the end of the school year.

Travel and Other Reimbursement Requests
June 6th is the final day to submit travel reimbursement and other reimbursement requests. This will allow for payment in June.

Submit your time card every Friday!

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Policy Review For Employees

Please make time to complete this annual policy review, which provides employees with up-to-date information about district policies and procedures. This presentation reinforces our personal and professional responsibilities as we work to provide a nurturing learning environment for all students. It is not meant to be all inclusive, but provides employees with reasonable knowledge and adequate notice of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors. Questions? Send them to us


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