Stay Up-to-Date on D91' Master Facilities Plan

" "Idaho Falls School District 91 is developing a 10-year Master Facilities Plan that will help guide future decisions about how to update and improve our school buildings. Ideas being developed include closing schools, new construction, renovations, and boundary changes. Stay up to date on all the work that's been done so far  -- presentations & reports -- on the project website under the "Resources" tab. Work will continue over the summer and recommendations are expected to go to the Board of Trustees in September. Questions? Send them to us.

Tips for a Cyber Safe Vacation

As summer nears, many people will soon be taking vacations. When planning vacations, users should be aware of potential rental scams and “free” vacation ploys. Travelers should also keep in mind risks related to traveling with mobile devices.

The Cybersecurity and Information Security Agency (CISA) encourages travelers to review the following suggested tips and security practices to keep their vacation cyber safe:

Understanding Insurance Benefits

Stronger Passwords

Long Passwords Make Strong Passwords

Schools districts are data-rich targets for cybercriminals. Both employee and student data are at risk of being stolen. Weak passwords are a gateway to breaches that can affect more than just the targeted users.  The key to password strength is to make them long. The technology department is implementing a minimum of 12 characters password length, that will be required at your next password expiration, (along with the requirement of using three of the following conditions; an upper case, a lower case, a number, or a special character).  Using a passphrase-- -a short sentence or random words will help you create a secure password.  For example, “Time to read books!” becomes “Time2readbooks!”.  Start thinking of your passphrase now and be prepared to create a longer and more secure password. You can test your password strength at

Have You Met Your D91 PD Obligations?

Professional development
Summer changes to the 2018-19 calendar impacted teacher contracts. To end school on May 31, we lost instructional hours and 4 contract days -- June 3,4,5 and 6. To make up some of that instructional time, we converted the Oct. 5 and Jan. 21 PD Days into instructional days, but that means some teachers will need to make up those PD Days. Here's a guide to ensure you're meeting those contract obligations.

Policy Review For Employees

What Every Employee Should Know

Please make time to complete this annual policy review, which provides employees with up-to-date information about district policies and procedures. This presentation reinforces our personal and professional responsibilities as we work to provide a nurturing learning environment for all students. It is not meant to be all inclusive, but provides employees with reasonable knowledge and adequate notice of acceptable and unacceptable behaviors. 


District Calendar

08.19.2019 - 08.20.2019
New Teacher Induction
End of Tri 1
11.26.2019 - 11.29.2019
Thanksgiving Break - No School
12.23.2019 - 01.03.2020
Christmas Break - No School

Holiday Pay and Leave Allocations Full-Time Classified Employees

Holiday pay and leave allocations for full-time classified employees are calculated by taking the average of the hours scheduled in a normal work week divided by the days scheduled per week. This is in accordance with Idaho Code 33-1216.  For example, if a full-time classified employees is scheduled for 29 hours per week, the average hours per week are 5.8.   This employee’s holiday pay and leave allocation will be based on 5.8 hours per day.

Teladoc: Talk to a Doctor Anytime!

Contact Teladoc by phone or computer
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